Maintenance Policy (Suitcases)

Year One: Free Maintenance

If any manufacturing damage is found with the product in the first year of your purchase (please provide the purchase receipt or online warranty registration), we can arrange for free repairs (including installation and parts fees, excluding shipping fees).
This warranty includes obvious wear and tear, accidental damage, or damage not covered by airlines and transportation companies.

* Wear and tear does not include visible damage to luggage appearance, such as scratches, scrapes, or abrasions, but refers to the gradual wear and tear of the product's external materials that will affect the functionality of the luggage with continued use.

Replaceable parts include:

  • Pull bars
  • Handles
  • Combination locks
  • Wheels
  • Unlocking TSA lock service

Non-replaceable parts include:

  • Damage to the luggage body (such as but not limited to bursting/dents/scratches/stains or fading surface color)
  • Splitting/broken zippers

The following damages are not covered by the warranty:

  • Excessive pressure and speed
  • Overloading of contents' volume and weight
  • Use of inappropriate cleaning products
  • Exposure to extreme high and low temperatures, sunlight exposure, acidity, humidity, or contact with corrosive solvents
  • Fabric wear and tear
  • Tearing or cutting
  • Melted zippers or fabrics

Please send the product to our repair center, and we will contact you after the repair for pick-up arrangements.

After One Year

As the product is used over time, natural wear and tear will occur (such as tire and zipper head wear), and guests can pay to replace damaged parts.

For any inquiries, please contact us (phone: +852 35687885 / email: