Affogato Ice Cream Coffee

Ingredients<1 person>

【Main ingredients】

  • Schnitzel / 1-2 scoops
  • Espresso / 1-2 cups
  • Chocolate sauce / 20g
  • Chocolate flakes or chopped nuts / appropriate amount


  • OutIn Nano Portable Espresso / 1 unit
  • Coffee capsule / 1 piece
  • Nano Espresso coffee cup/1 piece
  • Glass cup / 1 piece
  • Ice cream scoop / 1 piece


1. Add 50 ml of water to the water tank of OutIn Nano Portable Espresso.

2. Insert the Espresso capsule into the slot of OutIn Nano Portable Espresso correctly and firmly.

3. Add 1-2 scoops of Schnitzel into the glass.

4. Place the cup under OutIn Nano Portable Espresso and press the button for 3 seconds to start the heating process. There will be a beep to indicate when it is complete. Once the water is heated, espresso extraction will begin automatically.

5. Immediately pour the freshly brewed espresso over the ice cream.

6. Sprinkle with chocolate flakes or chopped nuts according to your preference. Serve immediately and enjoy your homemade Affogato!


・Use the schnitzel with better taste, the better the result will be.
・You can add hot water to the cup in advance to preheat it, pour out the hot water, and then wipe it dry before use.
・The classic Affogato itself is simple and delicious, but you can also try different combinations, such as fresh cream, chocolate flakes, chopped nuts, caramel or chocolate sauce, etc.
・The ratio of ice cream and espresso can be adjusted according to personal preference.




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