Snow Fungus Lily Red Date Sweet Soup

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Snow Fungus / 3g
  • Lily / 4 pieces
  • Red dates / 2 capsules
  • Wolfberry / 10 capsules
  • Rock sugar / appropriate amount


          1. Soak the snow fungus for 2 hours, wash and remove root impurities, and cut into small pieces. Cut and core the dates.

          2. Add the washed snow fungus, red dates, lily and wolfberry into the compact kettle, and add water to the 450 ml water level.

          3. Use time mode "60 minutes" and press to start heating.

          4. When it becomes thick, add rock sugar, stir evenly and serve.


          ・It is recommended to soak the snow fungus for about 2 hours, and adjust the soaking time depending on the swelling of the snow fungus.
          ・Snow fungus will become sticky in the later stages of cooking and will overflow easily. You can cook it with the lid half open.
          ・If you prefer a thicker texture, you can keep it warm for a while before eating.




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