Crispy Croissant Waffles

Ingredients <4 pieces>

【Main ingredients】

  • Frozen croissants / 4 pieces
  • Cream cheese / 50g
  • Light cream / 50g
  • Sugar / 8g
  • Matcha powder / 4-5g
  • Lotus biscuit crumbs / appropriate amount (for decoration)
  • Matcha powder / appropriate amount (for decoration)


          1. Thaw the frozen croissants, preheat the Vitantonio waffle maker for about 4 minutes, coat the surface of the croissants with sugar, put them in the waffle maker for about 4-5 minutes to turn golden brown, and let them cool for a while until the surface of the croissants becomes golden. Become brittle.

          2. Beat the cream cheese, light cream and sugar and put them into a pump bag (if making matcha flavor, add matcha powder and beat).

          3. Add cream to the croissant and sprinkle a small amount of Lotus biscuit crumbs or matcha powder.