Tofu Pudding

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Soybeans / 2-3 tablespoons (use the tablespoon provided with the soymilk maker)
  • Water / about 500ml (add to max position)
  • Gypsum powder / 1 teaspoon
  • Room temperature water / 1 tbsp
  • Strawberry / appropriate amount
  • Brown sugar / appropriate amount


          1. Put the soybeans and water into the BRUNO Hot Soup Blender Pro, and then press the Soymilk mode. After about 28 minutes, you will hear two beeps, which means the soymilk is complete. Pour the soymilk into the separate bag and separate the residue. More slippery.

          2. Boil the soy milk again. While waiting for the soy milk to boil, mix the gypsum powder and room temperature water evenly and put it into a container. (Be careful as the soy milk will bubble when it boils, please turn off the heat immediately)

          3. Pound the boiling soy milk into the container from a high place.

          4. Cover with kitchen paper, wait 30 minutes, add brown sugar and strawberries and it's done.