Blueberry Cheese Mousse Cake

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Taro / 80g
  • Sugar / 15g
  • Oats / 45g


  • Blueberries / 40g
  • Greek cheese / 140g
  • Milk / 40g
  • Monk Fruit Sugar / 30g
  • Fish gelatin powder / 5g
  • Water / 10-15ml


          1. Steam the taro first, add sugar, press into puree, add oatmeal and mix well.

          2. Press the taro cake base into the cake mold, flatten it, place it in the preheated oven, and bake at 150 degrees for 10 minutes. Set aside after cooling.

          3. Add blueberries, Greek cheese, milk, and sugar to the Hot Soup Blender Pro and press smoothie mode.

          4. Mix the water and fish gelatin powder evenly and dissolve them in hot water. spare.

          5. After the blueberry cheese is completed, it is recommended to leave it at room temperature for about 15 minutes, then add the isinglass powder solution and mix well.

          6. Finally, sift and pour into the cake mold, and place in the refrigerator to refrigerate for more than 3 hours.