Cheese and Onion Savory Mini Waffles

Ingredients <4 pieces>

【Main ingredients】

  • Almond powder / 50g
  • Coconut powder / 20g
  • Baking powder / 4g
  • Young salt / 1/2g
  • Shredded Parmesan cheese / 15g
  • Crushed black pepper / 1/2g
  • Cheese powder / 10g
  • Onion powder / 5g
  • Whole egg liquid / 50g
  • Soft butter / 20g


          1. Mix all dry ingredients except egg mixture and soft butter.

          2. Add egg mixture and soft butter and mix.

          3. Spread butter on the surface of the egg tart mold.

          4. Evenly put the cake batter into the tart pan and smooth it out.

          5. Place on the square baking grid in the oven and bake at 130 degrees for 25 minutes.


          If you use muffin cups instead, you must lower the temperature and increase the baking time.
          ・You can add different dried herbs to add your favorite flavor.




          Aladdin Official