Stewed Peach Gum

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Peach gum / 8g
  • Lotus seeds / 8 capsules
  • Red dates / 3 capsules
  • Crystal sugar / 20g
  • Milk/coconut milk / 200ml (you can skip this step)


          1. Soak peach gum and lotus seeds separately in water. Peach gum needs to be soaked for about 10 hours and washed. Cut and core the dates.

          2. Put the lotus seeds, peach gum, and red dates into the compact kettle, add water to the 450 ml water level, select the time mode "60 minutes", and then start heating.

          3. Bake in keep warm mode for about 10-20 minutes.

          4. When it becomes thick, add rock sugar, stir evenly and serve.

          5. If adding milk/coconut juice, add 150 ml of milk/coconut juice and rock sugar when the sugar water becomes thick. Do not add more than 450 ml of water level, stir well and serve. (After adding milk/coconut milk, please continue to stir and do not keep it warm for too long to avoid burning the bottom)


          ・Depending on the cooking conditions of the peach gum, check the cooking progress when the remaining 20 minutes or 10 minutes are counted down. If the ideal condition is reached, the heating can be stopped manually.
          ・Must be soaked in peach gum before cooking.
          ・It is recommended not to drink during menstruation.




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