Passion Fruit Jasmine Green Tea

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Passion fruit / 1 piece
  • Jasmine / 3 g
  • Green tea leaves / appropriate amount
  • Sugar / appropriate amount


          1. Add jasmine flowers and green tea leaves to the glass tea strainer in the compact kettle, and add water to the 450 ml water level.

          2. Select the temperature mode "85℃" mode, and then start heating.

          3. After heating is completed, take out the jasmine flowers and tea leaves, cut the passion fruit, and put the pulp into a cup.

          4. Add appropriate amount of sugar to the cup, pour jasmine green tea into the cup, stir well and drink.


          ・The ratio of jasmine and green tea can be adjusted according to taste.
          ・It tastes better with ice cubes.




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