Rose & Roselle Tea

Ingredients<1 person>

【Main ingredients】

  • Roselle / 3 flowers
  • Round meat / 5 capsules
  • Crystal sugar / 10g
  • Rose / 5 flowers
  • Water / 350ml


          1. Remove the seeds from the calyx of Roselle flower. (Fresh Roselle flowers are seasonal. If fresh Roselle flowers are not available, you can buy dried Roselle flowers at a Chinese medicine store.)

          2. Put all the ingredients (except dried rose flowers) into the Soymilk & Soup Blender and add about 350 ml of water to the Max position.

          3. Close the lid and select Boiled Soup mode.

          4. When finished, open the lid, add dried rose flowers, soak for a few minutes and enjoy.




          Allie Wong