Earl Gray Tea Crispy Cookies

Ingredients <16 pieces>

【Main ingredients】

  • Unsalted butter / 50g
  • Whole egg liquid / 85g
  • Sugar / 35g
  • Earl Gray tea bag / 1 bag
  • Baking powder / 3g
  • Low gluten flour/70g
  • Salt / 1g


        Cut the earl gray tea bag and remove the crushed tea leaves and set aside.


        1. Heat unsalted butter in a pot of water until it melts and set aside.

        2. Mix whole egg liquid, sugar, Earl Gray tea leaves, and salt until the sugar dissolves.

        3. Add melted butter.

        4. Add sifted low-gluten flour and baking powder and mix well.

        5. Put the batter into a piping bag.

        6. Pour appropriate amount of batter into the pizzelle plate, cover and bake for 2 minutes.




        Allie Wong