BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR

BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR
BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR

BALMUDA The Pure - Dark Gray A01C-GR

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Exemplary air purification, a new and refreshing experience of air purifier.

Bringing purified air to every corner of your home.
BALMUDA The Pure has a new and unique structure that provides a huge air flow directly to the ceiling. While circulating indoor air, the TrueHEPA filter can effectively filter 0.3um suspended particles with a 99.97% efficiency. It also features a high-capacity activated carbon odor-eliminating filter that can absorb odors quickly. BALMUDA The Pure provides a comfortable space for every user with its pure and clean air.

Purifying 7,000 liters of air per minute.
While BALMUDA The Pure sends clean air upward, it also inhales a large amount of air from the opening located below the main unit. Its exclusive design of ducted wing and blades, combined with a PUSH & PULL system, accelerates the circulation of indoor air, purifying 7,000 liters of air per minute in the cleaning mode. Equipped with two different filters, it effectively removes harmful substances to the body.

High-performance filter that can capture suspended particles or viruses
Activated carbon deodorizing filter (upper layer)
Can remove harmful substances to the body such as odors, formaldehyde, etc. that are of concern in homes.

TrueHEPA filter (middle layer)
Dust, pollen, PM2.5, or household dust, and even fine particles such as mold and viruses, can be effectively filtered.

Front filter (bottom layer)
Captures larger dust particles at the entrance and the antibacterial specification can inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms.

The BALMUDA The Pure illuminates the intake and air flow paths, continuously purifying the air through this light column. The body is designed with a minimalist style that can blend into various interior decorations.

The operation status of BALMUDA The Pure is clearly visible, as it emits a soft light while in operation. This light lets you know that the air is still being purified, even in the middle of the night when all other lights are turned off. The light can also be turned off completely when the air purifier is placed in a room or other setting.

BALMUDA The Pure is simple and unassuming, allowing it to blend in with the furniture in the room. We aim to create a minimalist design so that it does not stand out excessively, and its small footprint (roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper) makes it easy to place among other furniture.

Jet Cleaning Mode
A mode that rapidly and efficiently cleans the air, with three timed modes of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes. After running at maximum airflow, it slows down to gradually make the room's air cleaner before ending the mode. Set this mode before leaving, and when you return, you'll find a clean air room. It also has energy-saving mode, auto mode, and manual mode to choose from.

Simple Operation
All operations can be completed using the three buttons on the top.

Automatic Mode: Equipped with built-in sensors that automatically control the airflow.
Manual Mode: 3 stages of airflow size can be set.
Blast Clean Mode:
Maximum airflow mode that effectively cleans indoor air with strong circulation.

・Powerful filtration rate at 7000 L/min, 10% stronger than AirEngine
・New air turbine design delivering clean air powerfully in one direction
・TrueHEPA and carbon filter set included
・Filtering 99.97% air particles of 0.3μm
・Filter 99.9% PM2.5, fungi, and virus in 30 min
・The light shimmers depending on the air quality and motor speed
・Minimalistic design avoiding dusts trapping on the product
・Lowest 19dB operation noise