Soy Milk Yogurt

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Original yogurt / 50g
  • Sugar-free soy milk / 500ml


          1. Clean the container thoroughly and sterilize it by immersing it in steam or boiling water.

          2. Pour the soy milk into the container, add the original yogurt and mix thoroughly.

          3. Cap the bottle, put it into the body and cover it.

          4. Set the time to 7 hours and the temperature to 40℃. After 7 hours, the yogurt will be completely set. Store in the refrigerator.


          ・Vegans can use commercially available soybean milk as bacterial culture, which is more expensive and has fewer sales outlets. You can also use commercially available yogurt bacteria powder. Please refer to the product instructions for the dosage.



          Allie Wong