Cottage Yogurt

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Fresh milk / 200g
  • Lemon juice/white vinegar / 15ml


          1. Clean the container thoroughly and sterilize it by immersing it in steam or boiling water.

          2. Pour the fresh milk into the container, add lemon juice or white vinegar and mix thoroughly.

          3. Cap the bottle, put it into the body and cover it.

          4. Set the time to 6 hours and the temperature to 60℃. After 6 hours, pour onto kitchen paper or filter paper to dehydrate. Store in the refrigerator after dehydration.


          ・To make mixed vegetable salad, just use a variety of fresh salad vegetables, add a little lemon juice, cracked black pepper, and add cottage yogurt cut into small pieces. It is very delicious.




          Allie Wong