Beetroot Heart-shaped Waffles

Ingredients <8 pieces>

【Main ingredients】

  • Whole egg liquid / 35g
  • Sanwen sugar / 25g
  • Beetroot juice / 135g
  • Salt / 1g
  • Low gluten flour / 135g
  • Baking powder / 3g
  • Grapeseed oil / 20g

【Beetroot Juice】

  • Peeled beetroot / 100g
  • Water / 130g

        【How to make beetroot juice】

        1. Peel the beetroot and cut into small pieces.

        2. Put it into a blender, add water and beat evenly.

        3. Separate the residue and take 135 grams of beetroot juice and set aside.

        [How to make waffles]

        1. Mix whole egg liquid, three-temperature sugar, beetroot juice, and salt until the sugar dissolves.

        2. Add sifted flour and mix well.

        3. Add grapeseed oil and mix well.

        4. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for about 30 minutes.

        5. Pour an appropriate amount of batter into the heart waffle plate. When bubbles appear on the surface of the batter, cover and bake for 4-5 minutes.





        Allie Wong