Summer Fruit Tea

Ingredients<Serves 2>

【Main ingredients】

  • Black tea / appropriate amount
  • Orange flesh / 2 tablets
  • Peach/Mango / 1/4 pieces
  • Strawberry / 2 capsules
  • Lime/Passion Fruit / appropriate amount
  • Honey / appropriate amount
  • Mint leaves / 2-3 pieces


          1. Cut the orange flesh into slices, peel the peach/mango and cut into pieces, cut the strawberry in half, and cut the lime/passion fruit. Rinse mint leaves and set aside.

          2. Add orange pulp to the compact kettle, put the black tea into the glass tea strainer, add water to the 450 ml water level, select the time mode "10 minutes", and then start heating.

          3. After boiling, pick up the glass tea strainer, take out the tea leaves and put in the fruit.

          4. Add honey to the cup first. After the fruit tea has cooled down slightly, you can brew the tea into the cup and drink it.

          5. Add mint leaves for garnish.


          ・Fruit can be adjusted according to personal taste, different colors and shapes will look better.




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