Japanese Style Pork and Vegetable Udon Hot Pot

Material<10 pieces>

【Main ingredients】

  • Hot pot pork slices / 1 package
  • Udon (cooked in advance) / 1 letter
  • Golden mushroom / half pack
  • Fresh mushrooms / number of pieces
  • Xiuzhen Mushroom / 1 small bowl
  • Mini bell peppers (cut into strips) / 4
  • Kale (remove stems, leaving only leaves) / number of pieces
  • Okra (slightly shave the top) / 4 items
  • White radish / half bar
  • Corn / half bar
  • Japanese dashi / 1500 ml
  • Salt / appropriate amount


    1. Make pork rolls, sprinkle a little salt on the pork slices, put your favorite vegetables on top, such as bell peppers, enoki mushrooms, kale, etc., and then roll them up.

    2. Place the daikon on the bottom of the pot, then arrange the pork and vegetable rolls in the middle of the pot, and place corn, fungi and udon next to the pork rolls.

    3. Pour in Japanese stock, cover and cook for 10 minutes.